What is Street Photography London?

What is Street Photography London? A street photography gallery and blog featuring hundreds of interviews with some of the best international street photographers and street photography collectives worldwide.

The website is run by founding editor Nico Goodden, a London based professional urban street photographer and visual content creator.

SPL was featured by Creative Review, The Phoblographer and The Huffington Post to name a few.

Street Photography London has also helped many talented yet not so well known street photographers gain exposure. Because sometimes all you need is a little push for people to then notice you. And it works. Some excellent budding street photographers have indeed, since we showed their work to the world, seen a lot more interest in their work.

Kind of a street photography snow ball effect!

Via our Twitter account with over 11,000 followers we have also linked many street photographers who may otherwise have not been aware of each other and created a supportive friendly like-minded community filled with interactions.

Articles by various street photographers have also been published on the subject of street photography, covering everything from technique to general reflection on street photography and gear reviews, although we're not really gear obsessed.

Our curated street photography Gallery features the best work of our contributors and rotates regularly to keep it fresh.

Finally make sure you follow Nico on Instagram where you'll find a good mix of fresh urban and street photography!

What is Street Photography?

Street photography as a whole is a genre of photography in which the photographer captures candid moments of people's day-to-day lives, often in public places. It documents society.

In its truest form, there's no manipulation or staging, it's honest and scenes are typically not posed. 

Street portraits are generally accepted as a genre of street photography as candid's just not for everyone!

Remember not to let definitions, including this one, dictate your style.

Break the rules whenever you can.