Street Photography Exhibition in London - The Great Londoners

If you're looking for a photography exhibition in London this month make sure you check out "The Great Londoners" at the newly opened Hoxton Hotel Holborn!

This photography exhibition in central London opened from 15th October for 4 months features my latest body of work.

It has been very challenging, mostly due to the fact I shot all my "characters" without their knowledge, in manual focus and at very shallow depth of field / super wide aperture as they were walking towards about 3 to 6 feet distance. Yet is seems they are somehow posing for me.

The show is sponsored by Olympus and 100% of the sales will go to, a charity working towards preventing avoidable blindness.

Read here what Olympus says on their Imagespace website:

"This large body of work entitled ‘The Great Londoners’, shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and a Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 lens, was extremely challenging.

Very close and moving ‘targets’ shot from the hip, in manual focus at wide aperture with razor thin depth of field.

None of the Londoners photographed are posing or even aware of Goodden and his camera, yet the photos emanate a certain cinematic quality.

For more information about Nicholas Goodden, visit his website"

The Great Londoners-street-photography.jpg

So come check it out, the exhibition is open 15th October 2014 to 31st January 2015, it's free and the location is excellent!


The Great Londoners

Hoxton Hotel Holborn

199 High Holborn

London WC1V


See you there...