6 London Street Photography Locations

This is just a little list as really, there isn't one place in London where you can’t take good photos. There are however places where you’ll get into less trouble. You know…choosing between taking photos in Elephant & Castle or Oxford Street…  No but seriously, stay safe people!

1 – Street photography around Brick Lane

I’m not going to surprise anyone but Brick Lane is clearly a must-go-to place for street photography. Brick Lane is home to curry houses, street art and hipster lumberjacks (yeah you know…beard, checkered shirt, woolen hat and heavy boots). Head there on a Sunday morning and no one will notice you with your retro camera. Plus, there’s so much good food to try out, you won’t head home starving.

Street Photography London - nicholas goodden - truman brewery.jpg

2 – Street photography around the Barbican Estate

Less busy, less obvious choice, but very cool, you’ll suddenly feel like you’ve stepped into a time-machine taking you right back to the sixties. I prefer it there during autumn and winter but summer is also interesting as a lot of people gather around the fountains. There are lots of photo opportunities there whether it’s outdoors around the estate or inside the Barbican Centre. Be warned though: orange carpets galore.

Street Photography London - nicholas goodden - noir.jpg

3 – Street photography around Oxford Street

I never used to like this place. I always thought of it as way too mainstream with no particular interest to shoot it. But then once you’ve shot most of London you have got to keep an open mind, and so I headed to Oxford Street and actually, I was wrong! Once again, it’s just so packed with shoppers that you’ll never be questioned. Just shoot everyone to your heart’s content!

Street Photography London - nicholas goodden - the girls of oxford street.jpg

4 – Street photography around Camden Town

Just a little advice: think twice before shoving your camera in some punk’s face. Although they’ve opted for the most touristy place to show off their delightful style, funnily enough they aren’t so keen on photos. But otherwise Camden remains a fantastic place to observe people, have a bite to recharge your batteries and just wander around.

You may even discover that some stall holder is selling your London photos as Camden is home to lots of copyright thieves (one of my photos was being sold there).

5 – Street photography in the City

More of a weekday location, as weekends resemble more a scene from 28 days later. Suits central, it’s got that real London feel, the more “old school” one. I particularly like London Bridge between 8 and 9am. Such a rush to get to work, once again busy City workers won’t see you taking their photo. Lunch time around Fleet Street is also a good time to capture queues outside sandwich shops.

Street Photography London - nicholas goodden - ghosts of london bridge.jpg

6 – Street photography on Westminster Bridge

Great place to take photos of people taking photos of people taking photos of people. Ever noticed that most people pull the most awkward face when taking a photo? Watch out for pick-pockets though as they are in heaven with tourists too busy taking photos to stay street wise.