Photographer Jeff Krol's Cinematic Street Photography

Jeff, I first came across your work through The Inspired Eye, how did that come about?

Olivier Duong from The Inspired Eye dropped me a mail through my Flickr account after seeing my photos. He asked me if I'd like to be featured on the blog along with a few questions.

Jeff Krol - Street Photography London 14.jpg
Jeff Krol - Street Photography London 15.jpg

Your style is quite unique, what sparked the idea and what do you call it?

If I'm honest I don't think it's really unique, maybe on the streets it is if we're talking in terms of street photography, because most of my pictures are in colour and cropped in a certain way. We still don't see that very often. Maybe the unique thing is that I tend to shoot into direct light, that's for the mood, although in the last 6 months I'm really into reflections and shooting through windows.
The idea is something I found other photographers already did; taking pictures as if you 're watching a scene from a movie. The moment I press the shutter is like pausing your Blu Ray player: a cinematic image.

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You manage to make the processing you apply acceptable in a genre (street photography) where usually shots aren't really touched-up that much. What's your thinking process?

That's right, but I just do what I love. I don't care that much about people telling me how to do street photography nor what the rules are. I don't think my pictures are touched-up 'that much', why can't we make certain things even more beautiful than they are? With some contrast and colour adjustments (like in B&W) I rather like the viewer to say "Wow!" than "Yeah, nice shot!" I like mood in a picture and nice light and desaturated colors can give us that.

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You're based in Amsterdam am I right? Is this your only focus or do you also shoot other cities?

I live 1,5 hours travelling from Amsterdam, in a small town. Most of the time when I shoot I'm in Amsterdam because it's such an awesome city! I shoot in other cities as well but not that often.

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Is your cinematic style a project or something for the long run that you will stick to?

It started as a project, see if I can make cinematic shots on the streets. I love it and seem to be good at it. So why stop?
I guess about 10% of my pictures are in B&W and 4:3 or 1:1, but that's mostly because it has no cinematic value.

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