The Black & White Street Photography of Tokyo based Hiroki Fujitani

Hiroki Fujitani is a veteran Japanese street photographer. Aged 51 and based in Tokyo, Japan, Hiroki has claimed multiple awards through his photographic work including being interviewed and published in Vogue Italy, Photokina World of imaging 2014 and Portaitist Winner at the 2015 EyeEm Awards.


Hiroki is not only a street photographer but a painter as well, two passions also shared by Henri Cartier-Bresson during his time. Hiroki feels this has helped him learn the art of composition and feels there is a close relationship between photography and painting, they sort of bounce of each other and sometimes fuse. Photos and paintings increasingly blend with each other, in his words "the possibility of representation can be extended".


You'll notice in his work that Hiroki shoots a lot of Japanese smokers in the streets of Tokyo. When asked about it Hiroki explained there are a lot of conversations taking place in smoking areas, people are more relaxed after a shot of nicotine, and relaxed makes for better candid photography, it's the best environment yet it doesn't make it any less difficult to get a good shot.


Most of Hiroki's shots are black and white but he also enjoys shooting in colour. He'll always shoot in RAW and convert if needed in Lightroom.

When asked if people ever object when he takes their photo, Hiroki's answer is he's a proud shooter and is somehow rarely noticed anyway.


Hiroki's advice to any budding photographer is that you don't need a Leica camera to get compelling images. Learn how to get comfortable with your DSLR or point and shoot and capture life through your lens.


Thank you to Hiroki and we encourage everyone to check out his work on his website and Facebook page .

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(All photos in this article © Hiroki Fujitani and used with permission)