Street Photography Article: Meaningful Projects | Iwona Pinkowicz

Iwona Pinkowicz is a London based street photographer and one of our most recent contributors.

Her passion for street photography is clear and is conveyed in what she writes and shoots. I interviewed Iwona a few weeks ago and her interview about her first year shooting street photography quickly became our most read article/interview... ever.  

Nicholas Goodden

Meaningful Projects

As we all know working on a long term project can help us stay motivated to shoot, especially in moments where we struggle to find inspiration.

Since I started shooting just over a year ago, I read a lot about the importance of finding a project to work on for an extended period of time. At first I was struggling to find anything that had any real meaning to me.

By taking photos of people smoking or wearing cool hats I thought I was working on a “project” in one way or another. They were small projects that helped me learn about photography, which was perfect for me at the time. After a while though I started to get a bit bored by the repetition of what I was shooting and didn’t see much point in continuing with it.

This was the point that I started thinking again, trying to find a subject that meant something to me.

After lots of head scratching over a few weeks I finally decided on a subject for a long term project – documenting life in my local neighbourhood, King’s Cross!

I moved to King’s Cross just over 2 years ago and since then I’ve seen a lot of changes in the area. King’s Cross has for the last couple of decades carried a seedy reputation as London’s red light district area with dilapidated industrial buildings and drug dealers serving the rave scene.

Today the neighbourhood is fast becoming one of the most desirable areas to live and work in London. The wide range of fantastic restaurants, bars and outdoor events organised throughout the year make King’s Cross an exciting place to be. I consider myself extremely lucky to live here and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final results of the redevelopment of this historic part of London towards the end of this decade.

Until then I will be doing my best to document the rebirth of this fascinating place. I believe that photographs are valuable historical documents as they capture change and freeze moments forever. I hope that one day, when I’m long gone, my photographs will live on as a reminder for future generations of this transitional period of time in the long history of King’s Cross.

Kings Cross _8.jpg

So, why is documenting where I live so meaningful to me?

Well, this is where I found my new home away from home. I have been living in London for the past 13 years and during that period of time I have moved places about 20 times! King’s Cross will always have a special place in my heart, as this is where I moved in with my future husband for the first time. It is where we got engaged and it is also where we will probably start our family.

Documenting my neighbourhood during the happiest times of my life is something that will definitely keep me going for the next 3 years, if not longer! Finding a project that truly means something to you can be very difficult and frustrating but once you find it you will never want to let it go!


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