Urban Loneliness | French Street Photographer Cedric Roux

Cedric Roux is a French street photographer who was featured on the Street Photography London blog nearly two years ago. His work has gone from strength to strength and we decided to catch-up with him.

Q: Cedric we interviewed you in June 2014 but please give us a little intro on who you are for those who missed it:

I'm a self-taught French photographer, started taking my first pictures with an ‘artistic’ intention during my first trip to NYC in spring 2012 but I really got involved in spring 2013. The pictures of American photographers moulded my visual world and my influences even though I explore different horizons.


Q: Your new body of work is called Urban Loneliness. When and why did you start it?

I recently started to build series of images, like the Urban Loneliness series but I'm interested in that since I begun. I always found interesting to capture a single subject in a city environment while we often see crowd in theses places like in a train station or something. I started to create the series recently because I want to organize better my images to promote my work better and why not exhibit it.

I'm very interested by the loneliness thing because, despite the fact we live in big cities with more and more people, I notice a certain loneliness, and selfishness in these big areas. 

So, I wanted to show this feeling by my photographs. 

Q: How do you feel about loneliness? Do you enjoy being alone (when you are alone) or does it bother you?

I have no problem with loneliness. I'm good when I'm alone, I can work on future ideas, but I really like noisy atmosphere. It's one of the reasons I love NY or other big cities I visited.

I think I adapt easily to my environment, love to be with friends and family, and love to have time for me.


Q: Not all of it is shot in Paris am I right?

Most of the photographs are taken in Paris because it's where I live but I have some from others cities (NY, Chicago, London, Cannes, Dublin).

Q: What would be your advice for someone looking to create a body of work but not too sure where to start?

I don’t know if I could give good advice. I think there are two ways of doing things and one way I couldn’t cope with would be to stay focused on the current theme. I think you shouldn’t go out seeking ‘a subject in a frame’ for instance. I’d rather stay open to all the things people and the street can offer. 

However for that series it would be interesting, for example, that I try to stay at one place with a frame that suits me and to wait until a scene comes into shape. Only one picture was taken after having waited – the lady in the escalator. And the waiting didn’t last long – 3 minutes, roughly the arrival time of a RER train- and it allowed me to think about my picture  while I was expecting a subject to enter the frame.

Q: Is there anything else you are working on right now?

In fact, I try to get myself ready, to structure my photo-documentary ideas so as not to face the unknown without preparation. I also have to gather all my courage to head in the direction of the subjects I’d like to document. I also am lucky to have a few connections that could facilitate the contacts. Now it’s my turn to play. I always endeavour to develop my portfolio of artist portraits even if it doesn’t build as fast as I wish it would.

Q: How do you feel your photography has changed or evolved since last time we spoke?

2015 was very particular for me in photography I quit all the street photography groups of which i was member because of some frequent behaviours called social bump visible in many ways. But It's an important change for me because It was the way I use to present my work.

Now, I prefer to look at images directly on the photographers and collective (street/journalism) pages I like.

Otherwise, I'm happy there are lots of events to be part of revolving around photography (street, photojournalism...).


Merci Cedric and we'll look forward to see more of you in the future!


Make sure you read the first interview we did with Cedric back in June 2014, head to Cedric's website and follow him on Twitter!

All photos in this interview © Cedric Roux